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We are the Top-level Distributor of Emeraid Veterinary Products and Lafeber Pet Products in Europe 

Lafeber Company is a strong family business built by a father-son team of veterinarians
with a shared love of animals and a special passion for birds. Dr. Ted Lafeber, Jr. developed the very first commercial pet bird food pellet in the early 1970s.

Critical Care Nutrition

Lafeber's EmeraidWith the advent of the Emeraid Nutritional Care System, Lafeber Company now offers life-saving nutrition intended for use in a wide variety of special species during the first critical week of care. Learn about Emeraid Critical Care Diets for veterinarians.

Emeraid is sold only to Veterinarians, Zoos and Licensed Rehabilitators.

Nutrition and Enrichment

Today, our recipes are developed by Dr. Ted Lafeber, III along with top veterinarians and nutritionists. Every diet is tested by an independent laboratory to insure optimum pet health. Lafeber Company also consults leading experts of bird behavior so that our
diets provide excellent enrichment.

Dedicated to Excellence

Birds eating Lafeber productsLafeber Company uses only the finest natural ingredients in every product. All grains, fruits and vegetables are hand inspected, and some of the grains are literally grown right outside of our front door on Lafeber family farmland. All Lafeber products are mixed, formed, and packaged under one roof with equipment specifically designed for small batches of food. Carefully watching our production process from start to finish allows us to maintain our high quality standards. Learn about Avi-Cakes, Classic Nutri-Berries and Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries for Pet Stores and Pet owners.